Monday, July 14, 2014

Thing 23

I really liked finding the "wifi finder"  as this is a good way of tracking down availability of
finding "wifi".
I found out that my Ipad can do many things I never new was possible and yet some of the
things I learned will take some practice in hopes of improving as I use it.  I think my favorite
thing about 23 Mobile Things learning all my Ipad had to offer and also several good apps available for free. 
If offered again I do believe that it would be something I would do again, however I got behind in doing my blogs so that sort of made it overwhelming.  I would have my notes as doing these things but actually putting them on my blog took more time that I realized.  But enjoyed the 23 Mobile Things.
My Learning experience was surprisingly fun and exciting.

Thing 22

I had attended LeAnn Suchy's session "Things is a Flash: 40 in 60 Ipad Apps & Tips"
If you haven't attended this I suggest that if given a chance you should attend.  This was one of the
Apps she briefly talked about.  I haven't really gotten any apps from this but have scanned it
several times.  I like being able to check out days that have past.  Seeing this isn't something I
check everyday.

Thing 21

I mostly use zinio & overdrive, I read my kindle books on both my Ipad & kindle.  There
is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a nice summer day reading. I enjoy that after working
all day and being stuck inside. 
My husband uses the weather channel, as he does construction.  This gives him the information needed to choice what he will be working for the day according to the weather forecast.

Thing 20

I'm liking the games such as:
Bubble Mania and Candy Crush saga
My word games I play are:
4 pics 1 word- they show you 4 pictures and you have to figure a word the pictures have
in common.
4 words- they have 4 words and they give you letters that are used for making a common word that
might describe the 4 words listed.
I know sometimes I spend way to much time playing these games, however this is how I relax at
the end of the day.

Thing 19

My choice was MyGarden, however it wasn't what I thought it would be.  I was hoping for
more on "How to" about plants.  The care and general information on plants.  I will keep using the
app and maybe get a better feeling of satisfaction.  Also I like using apps where is can quick search
for informtaion and not have to make an account to log onto.

I think that RoadNinja would be a good source for traveling, escpecially when you travel to
unfamilar areas.  I will have to use this more on one of my trips to see how much information
it will give me that will help locate different attractions.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thing 18

I put "Google Earth" on my ipad.  It's amazing when you put in a location and zoom the details.  It sort of scary that a person can go right to someone house on the map.  It's like they are right in front of a house.  I guess the saying you can't hide is true with the technology world.

Duolingo is an app I had heard about.  Teaches several languages, such as Spanish, French & Germany for a few.  They teach with audio and use of pictures.  With working in a public library this might be a good thing to take a look at.  Not sure I really want to learn another language but you never know.

Thing 17

Minnesota 511 is something I have used online.  However now I have it on my ipad which will be good.  I use this  in the winter for road condition in my local area.  However I also use it when traveling into the metro area for detours & road closures.

I also put 104.7 KCLD app on my ipad.  My granddaughters & I listen to this station in the car.  Now I have it available for listen when I'm not in my car.  I enjoy this station.

There are several other apps suggested in this session that I will most definitely check them out and use more of them.